these images have grown out of the learning studio experience

it's hard to talk about art, but I'm interested in the idea of a studio state of mind - observational, experimental, provisional, looking out of the corner of the eye as well as gazing, intent

the world would be a happier place if people's houses were filled with things they'd made & drawn

everyone can draw, just like everyone can write once they get the chance

it doesn't matter if you get it wrong, in fact making mistakes is part of the studio state of mind

you sketch and experiment as a way of finding out, trying different things, seeming to repeat yourself, so that things build and overlap

rubbing out and changing leaves the ghost of earlier lines

it's always potentially a work in progress

'I have been mark-making for many years...I'm inspired by three-dimensional sculptural and natural forms. A jumping off point for me has often been the influence of colourists, from Hockney to Heron and Matisse and the formal experiments of people like Braque and Brancusi. I'm self taught and have found that I need to proliferate images in order to find where I'm going with them.'

andrew drawing on nantucket andrew's studio